No contract. 7 day money-back guarantee. Cancel anytime.


Social media graphics, marketing materials, print design, email design, packaging and label design.


Designated designer
1 active design project at a time
Unlimited design and revisions
1 brand profile
Free stock photos
Native source files included
1-2 business day turnaround
7-day money-back guarantee


Ideal for businesses with a steady flow of design needs. If you’re looking to up your game, this is your plan. 


All the Basic plan features plus:

Two active design projects at a time
Designated art director
2 brand profiles
Branding and brand guides
Pitch Presentations.


Ideal for businesses that are pushing it! Complete with web design and unlimited brand profiles. The sky’s the limit.


All the Premium plan features plus:

Designated account manager
Unlimited brand profiles
Landing page and web design
  • “As the ethical, privacy based choice in proposal software, we wanted to work with a design team who shared similar beliefs. ADA got us from day one!”

    Michael Koper

    Founder at Nusii

    Michael Koper

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Frequently asked questions

We get it, you still have questions. Hopefully we can answer any of your questions below...and if not, you can of course always drop us a line

What does unlimited design projects and revisions mean?

You can queue up as many projects as you want in our desgn request platform. Your designer will work on them one by one. Once one project is finished they'll move on to the next. The same with revisions, your designer will many as many revisions as is needed to get your design just right. 

How fast are you guys?

Typically designs are delivered within 1 to 2 working days. This can of course depend on the complexity of the request. Presentations, landing pages etc will more than likely take longer. We will of course keep you informed at all times and let you know our progress. 

What design work don’t you do?

Currently we don't work on 3D projects or largescale web or UI design.

How do revisions work?

If you're not happy with the initial design you receive from your designer, we'll work on getting it right until your happy. No extra cost. We keep right on going! Revisions are typically delivered in 1 working day. 

Do you make it easy to cancel?

Very easy. You can cancel your subscription at any time directly from your account profile. 

We’re an agency. How does this work?

All of our work is whitelabel. So if you are making design requests on behalf of your own clients, no problem. We'll deliver the work and you can pass it straight on to your clients. Easy!

What is an active design project?

Active design projects are projects that we're currently working on. With most plans we work on one active project at a time. You can increase this at any time by upgrading your subscription. 

What's a brand profile?

A brand profile is the branding associated to a particular business. For example, the Basic Plan allows you to work with a maximum of 1 brand profile (or business), however the Premium plan allows for 2 profiles and the Deluxe plan offers an unlimited number of brand profiles. 

Do you work with contracts?

No, all of our plans are payable month by month (unless you purchase an anual plan). You can cancel at any time right from account profile. 

How does your 7 day trial work?

After signing up you'll have 7 days to try us out. If you're happy with our work then you can automatically continue enjoying your subscription goodness.

If for any reason you're not satisfied with our work, feel free to cancel BEFORE your 7 day trial is over. You won't be charged and we'll part ways. :)